Reiki Napier

Fiona is taking a break from reiki.  Check back in November and I'll let you know my plans.
If you have a voucher that you'd like to redeem please let me know.  I can arrange an appointment for you with myself in Hastings.

I’ve completed my training in Usui Reiki 1, 2 and 3, with Master Shu Shimaoka. Reiki is available from my clinic on Bluff Hill, Napier.

Reiki may help with physical pain, depression, insomnia and recovery from illness.

Reiki is available in exchange for koha or gifts.  The gift is a sliding scale of between $30-$80.  I offer this so that Reiki is available to all.

I am happy to receive koha gifts in the way of cash or bank deposit.  Nga mihi nui. Fiona

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What is Reiki?


Reiki is an opportunity to allow divine light to enter your being and start the journey of discovering who you really are.  Gently removing the layers of conditioning that have limited you.  Reiki can bring you to discover your power and assist you in creating the life that you want to experience.

Reiki is all about the practitioners hands. The practitioners hands are placed on or close to the clients body.  Reiki healing is given to the client for the the greatest good outcome.  The client is fully dressed and may lie down or sit up.  The Reiki session may take between 30-60 minutes.  The client is generally very relaxed during a Reiki healing.  A client will usually leave the Reiki session feeling much better than when they arrived.

Reiki translates as Universal Life force Energy. It comes from the combination of 2 Japanese words “Rei” which means “Spirit or Universal Power” and “Ki” which means “Life force energy”. In 1922 Mr Mikao Usui from Japan established Reiki.

Reiki helps the energy field around a client return to its natural state. This therapy is given by a trained Reiki Practitioner. A Reiki Practitioner has been attuned by a Reiki Master and Teacher. Only an attuned Reiki Practitioner can give authentic Reiki healing. Reiki healing may integrate into any health plan to support improved health and well-being. More than one Reiki session may be ideal for a person.

Sessions involve the client lying down or sitting comfortably in a chair, while fully clothed. The practitioner places their hands lightly on the body allowing a free flow of Reiki energy. A practitioner may also work with the aura around a clients body. The aura of a person is the subtle energy field that surrounds the body.


Read more about how a Reiki session will unfold >>

Distance Reiki Healing with Fiona

I invite you to step outside the norm while I briefly explain what distance Reiki is. Imagine time and space are human constructs that only exist in our minds. If they are not actually real, distance Reiki is simply a matter of me sending you a Reiki healing. You don’t need to understand distance Reiki for it to be effective.  Some of my clients actually prefer Distance Reiki to Hands on Reiki and find it very effective and relaxing.

Receiving Distance Reiki

The steps to receive distance Reiki are for you to provide your personal details to me, then we set up a convenient time for you to receive Reiki. For your healing, you’ll ideally be in a relaxed position, laying down or sitting in a comfy chair.

My Location

I give Distance Reiki healing sessions from my therapy room in Napier. This room is conducive to energy work. This is where I also give hands on Reiki. I meditate and practice yoga also from my therapy room.

What Distance Reiki looks like

While I'm giving a Distance Reiki healing I am in a state similar to meditation, channeling Reiki light to assist your healing. This can last from 30, 60 or 90 minutes. When the healing has come to its conclusion you may like to stay in your relaxed position for 5 or 10 more minutes to allow the new vibrations to settle in your body. Then slowly get up and start walking around, taking time to be curious and feel what changes may have occurred.

During the Reiki healing you may feel or experience the following:

Deep rest and relaxation

A dream like state

Warm or coolness in parts of your body

You may notice nothing at all (and that’s ok too)

Smiling and happiness or tears and sorrow (and other emotions too)

Tingling parts of your body

The above is simply the Reiki energy doing exactly what it knows your body needs/wants. This is something I share with you and Reiki takes it from there.

You may like to have a conversation with me before I give you a distance Reiki healing. I am available for phone calls or messenger chats if that is required. Cell 021 997 673.

It could be ideal to have approximately 3 to 6 Reiki healings over a period of time, say 1 a week or 1 a month. This can be especially helpful for long standing health issues or emotional issues.

After a Reiki healing you may experience the following:




Restful and relaxed

A feeling of detoxing

You may not notice anything different at all

To understand the difference between hands on Reiki and distance Reiki please read below about hands on Reiki.

Reiki Energy Flow

An abundance of Reiki energy may allow a person to release stress or tension, and can promote detoxification. Consider a river with flowing water, which can keep itself clear and pure. Similarly the Reiki energy can assist the client’s ability to self heal and reconnect with their true nature.

Reiki may work on the body and mind. It is very safe for all people, young and old. In addition it is safe to use with any other medicine. Reiki may assist with reduction of stress and pain in the body and help reduce levels of anxiety and improved sleep patterns.

Reiki practitioners are trained to give Reiki treatments. A sacred attunement ceremony performed by a Reiki Master/Teacher, gifts the healing capacity to the Reiki student. Sacred symbols and mantras allow the Reiki channel to open.


What does a Reiki (hands-on) Healing session look like?

A Reiki healing will last for anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes. Around 60 minutes is the most common time for a treatment. At the beginning of a treatment the client may share what health concerns are currently unfolding in their life. For example physical ailments, emotional difficulties, or mental fatigue concerns. It is not necessary for the client to share the problems arising.  If the client is comfortable to talk about problems and needs to talk then it can be beneficial to share.  However, because Reiki knows exactly what is needed talking is not always necessary for a Reiki healing.  A client may not feel comfortable to share sensitive issues and that is fine.

Getting relaxed & comfortable for the session

Once on the treatment table or seated in a chair, a blanket and pillows maybe offered to provide extra comfort and security. A client remains fully clothed during the treatment. The only items to be removed will be shoes. To further enhance relaxation, restful music or silence maybe provided, with possible incense or sage burning, although this may not always happen. The practitioner may offer some restful tips (ie meditation or breathing exercises) to allow the client to let go of all worries and enjoy the healing. Usually a client will close their eyes and not talk much, to allow full relaxation to unfold. Some people may fall asleep during the healing and this is perfect.  During sleep we allow the body to do what it knows it needs for healing and rest.

Lets get started

The practitioner will gently sweep the aura of the client. Imagine a settling into the treatment, relaxing and breathing gently while the aura is welcomed into the space with love. The Reiki practitioner will either place their hands on the body or continue working on the aura. There maybe specific places of the body the practitioner is lead to or it maybe the 12 positions that could be used during the treatment. The hand positions are always respectful of private areas of the client. The 12 positions are: eyes/face, skull/ears, back of head and throat; upper chest, lower ribs, lower intestine area and pelvis area. Back of body – shoulders, lower ribs, lower back and coccyx. During the Reiki healing a client is likely to feel relaxed and comfortable. A client can share any thoughts or concerns they have at anytime of the treatment.  A totally open experience is allowed where the client can change the treatment at anytime during the session.

The treatment can last between 30-90 minutes. When the practitioner is lead to finish the treatment another sweep of the aura is offered to complete the healing.

That’s the basic Reiki treatment plan, and it varies between clients and different Reiki practitioners. If this sounds like something you’d like to experience I welcome you to my clinic on Bluff Hill, Napier.

Disclaimer: Reiki healing treatments are for relaxation and health benefit, and should not be used as a replacement for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions by a physician, or as a replacement for the diagnosis and treatment of psychological conditions by a psychiatrist and/or a psychologist.

Reiki Energy = Universal Energy